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Windows 10 will return a useful feature that was removed a y

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Windows 10 will return a useful feature that was removed a y

Message par rodeoneerer » Mar Mars 17, 2020 2:48 am

Windows 10 Pro Product Key Tabs in the manner of the Chrome Firefox and other browsers may appear in programs and windows of the Windows 10 file manager. Microsoft has tested this feature under the name Windows Sets since 2017 but later stopped its development. A new mention of it appeared in the fresh beta version of the Windows 10 Software Development Kit.

Microsoft plans to return to Windows 10 the experimental function Windows Sets (“Sets”) which gives any OS window tabs as in modern browsers which Microsoft refused in the spring of 2019. Tabs will be all open windows and programs and from them the user can quickly switch between them without using the classic combination Alt + Tab.

Kits have never been part of the stable builds of Windows 10 available to regular users. Only participants of the Windows Insider program that is cheap Windows 10 Pro Product Key beta testers could work with them.

Twitter Tero Alhonen (@teroalhonen) reported on the possible return of Windows Sets to not only test but also stable assemblies of Microsoft OS. In his blog he stated that he had discovered a number of references to the “Kits” in the latest beta version of the Windows 10 Software Development Kit (build number - 19577). According to Digital Trends this may mean that Microsoft has not yet completely abandoned the implementation of Sets in its system. A new function may appear in one of the next large-scale updates but not in 20H1 since its testing at the time of publication of the material was completed. According to experts of the MS Power User portal at least six months remain before the appearance of “Kits” in Windows 10.

The Windows Sets project was finally frozen in April 2019. At the same time Microsoft did not deny that Windows Sets still has a future. Thanking the users who participated in its testing the company hinted that their feedback would help improve Windows Sets when it was ready for release.

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