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nd and wife, the decisi

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nd and wife, the decisi

Message par ylq » Mer Sep 04, 2019 3:06 am

In the first month of the Han Dynasty, Gao Zufeng Qi Wang Hanxin was the king of Chu, and the capital was built; the Han Dynasty was reduced to Huaiyin Hou; the Han Dynasty was ten yearsThe abandonment of Liu Xiang Wholesale Cigarettes, the annihilation of Guangwu, Li Ke Xiang Yu's top ten credits, Yu Tong called it the top ten crimes, so that all the ministers present, not to mention Lu Hou and Xiao He reprimanded, he also called Han Xin not only " "Ten sins" and "three fools": "Han Xin received Yan to break Zhao, there are 400,000 soldiers, and when he is not anti-counter, now is the opposite, it is a fool; Hanwang is a driver, Han Xin is practicing Wu, Tongda is 200 The rest of the staff, Xiu Xiong soldiers more than 800,000, when the time is not reverse, now is the opposite, is the second fool also; Han Xin Jiuli mountain front assembly war, the army is a million, when the time is not reverse, now is the opposite, is the three fools also. There are such ten sins, so three ignorances are also dead." Later generations asked Han Xin what sin, what is he? In my eyes, sin Yu Zhong Ye, Yu Yuzhong also actually confessed that Han Xin was self-reliant as a king, but Han Xin read "the grace of Hanwang, no thought". When he was full of grateful tears and proudly showed the soldiers the Danshu Ironclad that he had given to him, he thought about the iron plate that was engraved with the words "The Son will never die," It is a reminder, and he has no children to stay in later generations. Liu Bang sent a letter to the heroes, and they engraved their names on the stone tablet. They were grateful to them when they were successful. It is no wonder that since Han Xinxin, the ��Danshu Ironclad�� has become ��Danshu Ironclad��, and the agreement between the monarch and the minister has become a naked transaction.an Xin must be fearful when he died. He thought about Guang Wujun, thinking about Xiang Yu, thinking about the dragon, thinking about Zhong Lijun, thinking about Chen Hao. For Chen Hao, when we pulled him over, there were countless questions to ask Liu Bang: Chen Hao is your cronies. When the time around you exceeds Han Xin��s time around you, why did Han Xin openly persuade him to rebel? Han Qiang Bing is like a god. I don��t know how to be a soldier. Why do you have to wait for Chen��s news? Why do you use a squad to go to the army? Liu Bang must be speechless. He will be behind Lu��s, laughing and looking at Han Xin��s self-satisfaction. He watched Xiao He cut his head, blood soaked in white, and no body fell to the ground. I will be afraid, then what about Xiao? Under the moonlight night, he recovered Han Xin, and he ordered the messenger to pass Han Xin into Chang'an. Han Xin forgot in the words of Xiao He, "The birds are doing, the good bows are hiding, the rabbits are dead, and the dogs are cooking." Xiao He is a politician. He knows that he can live in the latter half of his reputation, but Han Xin is a military commander. "The first person in ancient and modern use of soldiers." But military commanders who do not understand politics will eventually be killed by politicians. When Xiao He cut his head, he didn't know if he would shake. Because he knows that he is more hateful than Liu Bang Han Xin. Of course, Han Xin also hated why he did not accept the advice of the company. He remembered that on the court, Liu Bang said: "In the case of the husband and wife, the decision is better than a thousand miles away. I am not as good as the quilt. The town, the people, give I don��t want to feed the grain, I am not as good as Xiao He. Even the army of a million, the battle will win Online Cigarettes, the attack will be taken, I am not as good as Han Xin. These three are all Jiejie, I can use it, this is why I take the world Carton Of Cigarettes. Only Han Xin, when the Spring and Autumn Period competed for hegemony, the more Wang Goujian was in the language, down to the Qing Emperor Kangxi to Wu Sangui, how many heroes died in the hands of the Lord, but because of the loyalty. Churchill said "History is written by victories." History is written by the winner. "Yeah, they are immortal in history - sorrow."
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